About Us

Serving in the role of the city’s concierge, Modesto D.I.D. promotes a positive atmosphere in the downtown by caring for the physical space.

• Upkeep of landscaping ensures that downtown Modesto is vibrant year-round.
• Businesses that pay into Modesto D.I.D. can have graffiti removed or painted over free of charge.
• Providing trash receptacles and trash removal services helps keep the downtown inviting.
• Cleaning and washing vacant storefronts allow this to be a friendly urban space.

Our mission is to attract and retain business, employees, residents, and visitors to downtown Modesto. We are funded by downtown businesses that pay a D.I.D. Mill Tax. Revenues raised through the D.I.D. Mill Tax are used for downtown improvements including, but not limited to: promotion, beautification, alley reconstruction, parking, and graffiti removal. The Advisory Board considers improvements relating to downtown and makes recommendations to the City Council.


Bart Barringer January 2018
David Boring January 2018
Susie Fagundes January 2021
Tammy Maisetti January 2020
Brad Morad January 2021
Joe Muratore January 2020
Steve Rank January 2020
Tom Slater January 2018
Lauren Trevino January 2018