Downtown Art Installation

If you happen upon the grounds of the Gallo Center for the Arts, you’ll notice an oversized flowerpot with giant, bright orange primrose petals that allow daylight to pierce through them, casting a warm glow on the ground underneath. Take a moment to sit on the bench below to reflect and notice the flower roots surrounding you.

Head down to 1000 I Street for this magical experience, all thanks to artist Richard Herzog of Athens, Georgia.

The art piece is entitled “Primrose Planter” and was installed in December 2021. This project was gifted to the community from the Modesto Downtown Improvement District and the Downtown Modesto Partnership.

The artist described his creation: “I wanted to bring a little natural beauty into the urban landscape. While it would be a bit impractical to import a wild meadow or arboretum, an enlarged houseplant was not. The Primrose Planter is a potted plant on growing on the streets of Modesto. It draws inspiration from a number of different plant, orchids and primroses.”

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