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Experience engineer cleaning

Meet the Downtown Experience Engineers

The Modesto Downtown Improvement District is dedicated to creating a clean environment in downtown. A five-member Downtown Experience Engineers team maintains the cleanliness of the district six days a week. The team removes graffiti and litter, improves the appearance of downtown streets and sidewalks, and provides a safety presence to the community.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 5a – 9:30p

Saturday 12:30p – 9:30p

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Please submit your service request email at the link below and our Downtown Experience Engineers will be notified immediately.

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Experience engineer cleaning


Clean Street Services

Litter and Debris Pickup

Bodily Waste Removal

Graffiti Abatement

Pressure Washing

Landscape Management

Downtown Guide Services

Customer Assistance

Homeless Engagement

Surveillance & Reporting

Nuisance Reduction

Security Presence